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Whether you are a sole trader working alone or a small business owner looking to grow your business and your employees, there are many ways that coaching can assist you. It could begin by reviewing how your business is currently operating (a business review or analysis), identifying some key areas for growth and improvement; reworking your business planning; reviewing processes or uncovering a unique marketing approach to allow growth to happen and happen faster. 

We can work with you and your employees to get the best results, whether it be a focus on marketing an image, customer service, administration and procedures or identifying new avenues to diversify your current business interests and client base.

Perhaps you are managing employees for the first time - let us help you identify your leadership style and what leadership means to enabling the growth of yourself, your employees and your overall business success.

In this day and age, many small to medium businesses are finding that the 'after affects' of the GFC and through downsizing, a 'toxic' working environment has been created.  The signs of this would be (but are not limited to) :

  • employees experiencing and demonstrating signs of stress (illness, absence, decreased efficiency and time management, depression, complacency, lethargy, procrastination, high staff turnover, poor decision making);
  • managers feeling unsupported by staff and upper management;
  • increase in minor workplace accidents resulting in injury or equipment breakages
  • increase in costs associated with Workcover, recruitment and loss of productivity through sick leave
  • decrease in productivity affecting sales, ability to meet customer deadlines and possible loss of customers

These are just a few indications that something needs to change in order to develop a positive, supportive and safe working environment - not to mention - getting your productivity (and sales) back on track to improve your bottom line.

Talk to us today about how we can assist you in creating a working environment that you and your employees will find engaging and will get your bottom line back on track.

'Creating a Business Built on Trust' - is a new program using an already proven 'model' that you can plug your business into.   We will work with you to identify and align your branding messages with actual delivery and how you are perceived by your clients.  If you want to ensure that your brand is consistently 'trustworthy' then this is definitely a program you should ask for more information about.

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Promises, Promises - if you are a couple who is engaged or considering committing to a permanent relationship, then this program is definitely for you. Learning what makes each other tick and building a Relationship based on trust may not be as straight forward as 'falling in love'.  There's a whole lot more involved in building a lifelong relationship that's going to weather the storms as well as the joys in life than you might think...

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