What kind of leader are you?

I've spent a lot of time working with business owners, managers, coaches and people who have come to me for coaching in other areas of life and increasingly, the conversation comes around to making changes to our own thinking and behaviour before being able to communicate and interact effectively with others.  

Let's call this Personal Leadership. This is different from Positional Leadership, but once conquered, may lead to a positional leadership role.  

Working with the concept that before we can lead others well, we must first learn to lead ourselves - Personal Leadership is demonstrated in the way that we conduct ourselves, whether what we say matches our behaviour, how we treat people, whether we are reliable and accountable for our actions. This allows others to decide whether or not we are trustworthy and potentially worth building a long term relationship with (whether this is professionally, in a business context or socially).  

People who have mastered the art of personal leadership are more likely to be appointed to leadership roles.  They are respected by those who put them there and by their peers and others in their circle of influence. 

So whether you are in business, are a professional leading others or maybe you're involved in the community with some element of influence (or would like to be), then why not contact us about Leadership Coaching.

Keep an eye out for our Leadership Profile tool coming soon.

On the 18th February 2009, Bravo Communication and Embrionics held a Leadership Forum for Women, under the banner of ‘Aspiring Women’ (a Bravo & Embrionics joint venture).

Approximately 30 women across a variety of industries came together to be involved in the event, which was held at St George Leagues Club, Kogarah in Sydney’s south.


  • To inform – a summary of Leadership statistics in Australia (Report released in November 2008) defining issues ranging from the struggle women in management face to be taken seriously and general perceptions about women in management and leadership roles
  • To investigate - assist participants in defining their own leadership styles and create awareness of strengths and challenges they may have in these areas
  • To inspire – the guest panel of speakers were drawn from a range of industries and gave both an outline of their experiences and tips for dealing with some of the issues covered in the report analysis
  • To identify and discuss ways that women can overcome barriers to becoming leaders and/or reaching their potential in the workplace.

Elizabeth Carter acted as MC and gave the introduction and report summary and Sue Booth facilitated a 30 minute workshop.

The workshop provided an opportunity for women to openly discuss their own experiences and solutions in relation to leadership in the workplace and covered areas such as:

  • Styles of leadership
  • Natural attributes of leaders
  • Gender and Leadership
  • How do women perceive themselves as leaders
  • What is relevant to women’s success as leaders
  • How do women become leaders


We were most fortunate in securing our two inspiring speakers for this event, Angela Vithoulkas, Director of Vivo Group and Susan Saad, Director, Impel Consulting who were so gracious and honest in sharing their experiences and encouraging to all who attended the evening.

Angela Vithoulkas    
Angela Vithoulkas
Vivo Group
  Susan Saad
Impel Consulting


  • Women in Management / Leadership roles;
  • Women who aspire to move into Leadership, Management or Senior Management roles;
  • Women who support either males or females in Leadership, Management or Senior Management roles,
  • Small business owners / managers (male and female)
  • Supervisors / team leaders (male and female) and
  • Women who had experienced:
  • Bumping up against the glass ceiling
  • A working environment with predominantly male leadership
  • Were new to leadership or management roles

The evening was a great success with everyone leaving with a completed workbook to use for professional development and a goodies bag (filled by sponsors).

Sue’s background spans across a variety of industries including, education, pharmaceutical, construction, hospitality and Defense and with twelve years in the Airforce, Sue has developed a well rounded understanding (and experience) of leadership styles and particularly with working in a male dominated environment.

If you would like to learn more about developing your leadership style and taking your career to the next step, then simply fill in the form on the contacts page or call us on 1300 893 810.

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