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Coaching occurs when a partnership is developed between a coach and client based on trust and integrity. This is achieved through exploring in an open and honest fashion, the client’s current situation, (a snapshot of where they’re at today) and uncovering their desire for what they would prefer that situation to be (developing a plan for creating an inspiring future the client can feel passionate about), then developing strategies, identifying milestones and rewards along the way to celebrate successes.

If you were planning an overseas trip you’d go to a travel agent and discuss what you would like to do and they would help you develop a trip to remember, planning sightseeing opportunities along the way and making sure you make the most of your investment.  You’ll probably have a great trip, but in the end, the success of the journey was based on someone else’s achievement.

Like your travel agent, a coach has insider information about helping you get the best out of your coaching experience and your journey to having the life you’ve always dreamed of.  The difference is, with a coach you get to create the journey yourself and the success of that journey is based on your own achievement in collaboration with your coach who is there to guide, inspire, encourage and empower you.

What Types of Coaching Do We Offer?

The types of coaching that we offer include:

How does the coaching process work?

Although each person is an individual and their coaching sessions are tailored to suit their specific needs, the following process has proven successful for everyone. Over a number of sessions this is achieved by:

  • Checking where you’re at in your current situation;
  • Identifying how you’d ideally like your situation to be;
  • Uncovering what’s important to you – your values, your passion and purpose
  • Setting goals aligned with your purpose;
  • Identifying and creating specific strategies to achieve those goals;
  • Setting milestones to ensure that you are on track;
  • Setting action steps;
  • Exploring barriers and beliefs that might impair progress and achievement;
  • Partnering with you to ensure that you remain inspired, supported and motivated on your way to success.

Usually clients start noticing a change in their thinking by the end of their very first session. 

 Who would benefit from coaching? 

  • Individuals looking to improve their work / life balance
  • Businesses looking to create productive staff development and coaching programs
  • Professionals looking to enhance or increase their career or business prospects
  • People returning to work or looking to make career or lifestyle changes
  • People adjusting to a major professional or personal change
  • High school students looking to set goals, create focus, get better results while still at school and increase their options when leaving school
  • High schools and community colleges looking to create stimulating programs for students and course participants
  • Anyone who just wants to get more out of life


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