Have a read of what some of Sue’s clients are saying about partnering with her for coaching: 

“It is important to us that we retain good employees, and to do that we need to be sure that we were providing what they were looking for in a job. Sue helped us to align the goals of our company with that of our employees in a friendly yet professional manner. She also provided us with a comprehensive report of her findings to refer to when needed. I definitely recommend Sue to anyone who wants to hang on to their best employees!” Kerry Andrews, All Sorted Bookkeeping

"Over the past decade I've put myself through many courses from wealth creation to health and well being. Having a few sessions with Sue was very different from any motivational endeavours I'd previously experienced. This was a more personal look at where I was at and where I wanted to be. Sue's practical insights helped me to see my current situation and transform it by viewing it differently, hence changing my outcomes...slowly but surely I now have more direction, patience and persistence than ever before." Meagan Dunn, Holistic Therapist

“My life coaching sessions with Sue have given me hope that my life and my future has many positive possibilities.  I would recommend Sue to anyone looking to life coaching as a tool to heal themselves”. Michelle G, Sydney NSW  (Working mum)

"My coaching sessions with Sue Booth were both enjoyable and rewarding. Sue's relaxed and informal approach make her very easy to work with and I gained many new and valuable insights for improving my performance both in business and in personal life. In a relatively short period of time I have become more aware of my core values and was then encouraged to develop a range of long and short term goals for my business and personal life. Sue's input and feedback were invaluable." Frank Pancer, Vital Visuals

“Having Sue as my coach has given me the inspiration and confidence to achieve my goals by creating strategies. Sue has helped me realise my potential and is very supportive...thanks Sue”. Lauren Pottier, In Harmony with Lauren Pottier

“Going into my first session with a success coach I thought I was going to have confirmed the idea that I already knew everything I needed to start getting the most out of life, but my conversations with Sue have been an invaluable source of guidance, support and wisdom, not to mention fun. I doubt I would have made a fraction of the progress without her”.
Loki Ysbaert, The Bigger Picturesque

"Sue Booth is a most personable and incisive coach and mentor.  Her capacity to listen, including for what is not said, is impressive and her communication skills are exemplary. 

Sue has made a direct contribution to my capacity to function at peak capability over a sustained period of professional growth. I associate professional learning conversations with Sue Booth with my career advancement, my vibrant marriage and an enhanced capacity to thrive in periods of extreme professional stress." Mark Hopkins, Northern Beaches, NSW  (Education Exectutive)


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